5 Reasons Facebook Ads Is One of the Most Important Marketing Tools of 2015

When it comes to paid advertising, many businesses forget about Facebook. They seem to lump it into the category of social media, and design campaigns that focus on creating shareable content that will magically go viral all by itself. In this post, I’ll outline why Facebook Ads is one of the most important marketing tools… Read More »

Why Your Real Keywords Aren’t What You Think: Finding The Perfect Long Tail

One of the most frustrating things about long tail marketing is that more often than not, the keyword you, as a business owner, think you should target isn’t really the right keyword. Figuring out the real keywords for your business can be a challenging process. In this post I’ll look at why your keywords might… Read More »

Do You Have A Good Keyword Strategy? What It Is And How It Can Help You Win At Search

Whether you like it or not, having a good SEO Keyword strategy is an essential part of marketing your website. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of business owners have absolutely no strategy in place, and probably couldn’t even tell you how to find a good keyword in the first place. In this post I’ll look at… Read More »

How To Create A Keyword Strategy for Your Blog And Dominate The Long Tail

Once you understand the basics of what’s included in a good SEO keyword strategy, you need to turn your attention to how to create a keyword strategy for your blog. Fortunately, this process doesn’t have to be difficult, but is something that you need to set aside the time to setup, and the discipline to… Read More »

Is Backlinking Dead? The Truth About How Links Can Make Or Break Your Blog Rankings

It’s 2015, and we’re well beyond the breaking news of Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, and whatever the release earlier this year will be called. It should be pretty obvious to everyone that the back linking techniques that used to work, no longer do. But a simple question remains: is backlinking dead? Yes and no. In this… Read More »

The Best SEO Tip for 2015 and beyond: It’s So Simple You Won’t Believe It

We’re at a turning point in SEO. For most of the last 2 decades, search engines have focused on literally hundreds of different metrics in order to figure out which page should rank. We’ve used indexes like Page Rank and Alexa to help determine popularity and authority, and in the process SEO “gurus” have spent… Read More »

Why You Need To Find Social Media Influencers

One of the most essential characteristics of companies and individuals who have had a lot of success with social media is their ability to find and connect with social influencers. You can click here to read more on how to connect with those influencers. In this post I’m going to talk about why finding those… Read More »

The 220 Factors That Determine Your Business’ Search Ranking

Ever wondered what makes some pages appear at the top of organic search listings while others lag behind on page 73? According to Google, there are 220 factors that are considered when evaluating page rankings for any given search terms. While no one outside of the company’s search team knows all the factors, Google has… Read More »

Why Social Media Likes Are Worthless for Most Small Businesses

If you’re like most small businesses, you’ve probably set up a few social media profiles and published a at least a handful of posts. You’ve been told that it’s important to get followers for your page and likes on the content and posts that you publish. The question is: why? In this post I’ll show… Read More »

Why You Need To Write Your Blog For Your Readers, Not The Search Algorithms

As a small business owner, you’ll quickly find that there are a ton of marketers out there who are eager to tell you they have the secret to ranking well in the search engines. From on-page optimization techniques to (God forbid!) backlinking, link-wheel schemes, and false social engagement, there are false-opportunities at every turn. Some… Read More »